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Chapter 1181 A Nobody

  • Meanwhile, the Yang family had also received the same news.
  • Unlike the Wang family, the Yang family knew what was going on. Hence, Yang Bin knew the reason for Mo Yanshang’s actions, and he could not help but sigh helplessly.
  • At the start, he had wanted to get rid of the Mo family with this incident, but it seemed unlikely now.
  • For Mo Yanshang to make adjustments to the matches and arrange a new opponent for Han Jingru meant that Mo Yanshang was testing out the boy’s capabilities. Although the results had yet to come out, Yang Bin could almost make a good guess of it.
  • How could Yan Bingfeng win against Han Jingru, a Platinum rank fighter of the Apocalypse, in the match?
  • The reason for him to have become the most popular candidate for this year’s Martial Arts Summit was that many had yet to realize how powerful Han Jingru was. The moment they realized his true powers, Yan Bingfeng would soon be forgotten.
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