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Chapter 252 Cheap Man

  • Someone as steady as Han Jingru wouldn't even faze before a landslide. But the moment he saw the phone call, he was nervous and he couldn't even stop his hands from quivering.
  • When Qi Pingying saw that, she secretly gripped her fist tightly. Just a phone call could make you so nervous? How could you be so deeply in love with Su Yimo!?
  • You have experienced unjust amount of humiliation in the Su family. Why did you continue to fall for Su Yimo? Why did you love her so deeply!?
  • You are a man, could you really give up all your pride for her?
  • Not just Han Jingru. But even Molan rubbed his nose tip unconsciously. That was a habit whenever he got nervous.
  • Other people might not understand how Han Jingru felt towards Su Yimo. But the man had stood witnessing that for the past three years. Being her secret Guardian Angel without fail for the past three years. Could anyone do that?
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