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Chapter 1029 Fairy Tale

  • Migrate!
  • Hearing this word, Han Jingru’s expression changed. His instincts told him that this migration was related to the invasion of the Earth.
  • When Han Jingru decided to rule the entire Xenos, the reason they invaded Earth was no longer important. Nevertheless, he still hoped to know more about this when given the opportunity.
  • Firmly getting a grip on himself, Han Jingru asked Zhantai Liuyue casually, “How much do you know about the migration?”
  • Zhantai Liuyue shook her head and said, “I don’t know much. The migration seemed to be related to the Dark Forest. According to legend, there is a powerful familiar sleeping in the Dark Forest. Once it wakes up, the entire Xenos will be destroyed.”
  • A powerful familiar!
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