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Chapter 728 A Convoy Home

  • Ho Ting’s hometown was a small village on the outskirts of Yun City and was an hour from the city area by car. However, due to the large convoy, they could not go fast and spent an hour and a half before they reached the village.
  • Naturally, they attracted many stares. It was a rare sight to see several dozens of cars occupying the road in a big city, much less a small city like Yun City.
  • Many villagers were chatting near the central gate of the village. This was normal for the village. During the lull period for farming, those who had not left the village to work would gather at the central gate to gossip. This was their favorite pastime, and they would feel uncomfortable if they went for an entire day without gossiping about others.
  • This special place also had a unique trait. They would gossip about anyone who was not present. When they were gossiping, no one dared to leave first, for fear that they would be the next target of gossip.
  • “Oh right, have you heard any news about Ho Ting lately?”
  • “That woman hasn’t returned to the village in many years. She’s probably remarried. Otherwise, how could a woman who doesn’t know how to do anything survive with a daughter?”
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