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Chapter 522 A Truce

  • Yun city.
  • In the lifts of an apartment.
  • Jiang Yan was living with the driver, but there was still a huge gap in their statuses.
  • Jiang Yan hadn't really done any housework in the Su Family, but now she was cleaning the house dutifully. Sweeping and mopping the floors until everything was spotless, she didn't dare to miss out any single spot in the house.
  • This was a stark difference from how she was treated in the Su Family.
  • Before Han Jingru married into the Su Family, Su Wenlun handled all the housework. Even if Jiang Yan clogged the toilet herself, she would let Su Wenlun unclog it despite the horrid smell. She never did care about things like this, let alone do it.
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