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Chapter 856 Sabotage

  • Han Jingru woke up the next morning to an icy sensation that lingered on his arm. To his surprise, he opened his eyes to find the little white snake back on his arm.
  • He had been trying to look for the snake after he woke up yesterday, but he found no sight of it. At first, he thought the snake had left him for good to return to the world it belonged to. Perhaps, the snake was hiding somewhere in the room yesterday so that people would not notice its presence.
  • “Little guy, I must say you’re really one who values loyalty and friendship huh? I’m pleased that you decided to stay with me,” Han Jingru remarked with amusement.
  • The little white snake hissed and stuck out its tongue at him. No one could be sure whether it was trying to express its loyalty to Han Jingru, or it was simply trying to scare him.
  • After that, Han Jingru got dressed and went out of the room.
  • He took a deep breath and was impressed by how fresh and clean the air was. “The air is so clean and fresh here compared to the Earth. It will be nice if I can bring Yimo and Xiang here to spend our retired life.”
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