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Chapter 891 Kill Her

  • Chen Tiexin smiled in satisfaction as the crowd started ridiculing and gossiping about Han Jingru. That was part of his plan and he was very happy with everyone’s performance. His goal was to chase Han Jingru out of the Chen family and let the whole of Longyun City see what a miserable state the man was in.
  • At the same time, Chen Tiexin was also hoping that news would get to the governor’s residence so that Huang Xiaoyong would know that Chen Yanran was completely not related to that man.
  • Even though on the surface, Chen Tiexin seemed to be unhappy with Chen Yanran bowing down to Huang Xiaoyong, he was actually looking forward to her marrying into the governor’s residence, especially during such times.
  • Once Chen Yanran managed to become Huang Xiaoyong’s wife, it would become possible for him to know Huang Xiaoyong’s secret to stage ascension as well as taming the familiar.
  • If Chen Yuanhai’s guess about Huang Xiaoyong having a master was correct, the master might even take him in as a disciple with Huang Xiaoyong’s recommendation.
  • However, Chen Tiexin would never have expected that Huang Xiaoyong had already rejected Chen Yanran resolutely and that Han Jingru was the master he was looking for all this while; the person whom he had personally chased out of the Chen family!
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