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Chapter 1187 Mo Yu

  • Han Jingru didn’t receive any cheers or praise, despite winning the competition because the crazy fans had lost their minds. They assumed that Han Jingru must’ve cheated and didn’t win the fight clean. As far as they were concerned, Yan Bingfeng was undefeatable and would definitely be the champion of the Martial Arts Summit. Many were unable to accept the reality that Yan Bingfeng had lost.
  • After Han Jingru and Shi Yan left the competition site, a bunch of wild fans showed up to bar their path.
  • The head of that little gang was a young woman with long, blue hair. She would’ve been a real beauty if she didn’t have thick make-up on. All that cosmetic ended up concealing the natural beauty she had.
  • “Han Jingru, what underhanded method did you use?” demanded the woman in blue hair. She acted like a proud peacock when she spoke to Han Jingru.
  • Underhanded method? Seriously? We were fighting in the boxing ring with tons of witnesses around. There is no way either of us could cheat.
  • “If you’re unhappy with the results, you can ask Yan Bingfeng to come and challenge me again. You might have to wait for some time, though. Given his current state, he will have to stay hospitalized for at least a year,” said Han Jingru nonchalantly.
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