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Chapter 1047 A Valuable Piece Of Information

  • Fei Lingsheng had spoken for so long and narrated her entire life story to him, spilling practically all her secrets to him in the process. Of course she had a motive—she wanted to get her hands on the Holy Chestnut.
  • To Fei Lingsheng, getting the Holy Chestnut was the only way she could ever hope to reach the Alpha Stage. When she reached the Alpha Stage, she would finally stand a chance against the Qilin.
  • When all was said and done, Fei Lingsheng had no wish to die at all.
  • “This is the only way we can defeat the Qilin. Don’t you want to give it a try?” Fei Lingsheng retorted.
  • Han Jingru shook his head immediately. He didn’t have many Holy Chestnuts left, and he couldn’t afford to give them out like candy anymore. Besides, it had taken him lots of effort to get his hands on them, and they helped him out a lot in cultivation. He couldn’t just give it to anyone.
  • Back in the throne room, he would never have withstood all that force from the Emperor while keeping a blank expression if he hadn’t eaten a Holy Chestnut before that.
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