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Chapter 165 Satisfaction

  • When Su Yimo heard what Su Huiqi said, she sneered, “Don’t tell me you have spent all of your money?”
  • “So what if I did? Do I need you to worry for me? Stop joking. Your position as the person in charge of the West side project means nothing in my eyes.” Su Huiqi chuckled. And the woman had been spending uncontrollably without fear because she knew that the Han family would appear sooner or later. By that time, she would become the daughter-in-law of the esteemed family. Why should she care for that few million?
  • “You will never be able to understand the life of someone like me, living the good life. Therefore, you should just keep up your good work to work for the Su family.”
  • “And I wish you all the best.” Su Yimo said.
  • “Pfft~” Su Huiqi broke into a giggle, “Keep your insincere blessing to yourself. I know that you are just envious of me. Why bother hiding it? Everyone can tell~”
  • “Yeah, I really envy you. I don’t think I can afford so many branded goods.” Su Yimo answered.
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