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Chapter 843 I Am Cured

  • Back at the Villa, everyone was there and was extremely nervous.
  • Before Han Jingru left, he ordered everyone to stay put and not bother Su Yimo. This gave everyone there severe anxiety. Moreover, the room had been quiet for quite a long while now, and they were concerned.
  • Su Wenlun was the first to stand up and approach Han Jingru. “Jingru, how’s Yimo right now? Can you go and take a look?”
  • “You don’t have to worry, Dad. I promise you nothing’s gonna happen.” Han Jingru affirmed.
  • In spite of that, Su Wenlun was still worried since Su Yimo was his only daughter and the only reason he kept moving forward. He did not want anything to happen to her.
  • But of course, Su Wenlun knew that Han Jingru cared about Su Yimo just as much as he did. Since Han Jingru was confident, Su Wenlun decided to wait patiently.
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