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Chapter 273 No Longer A Trash

  • "He is here, he is here, Jiang Fu is finally here!"
  • "Finally, this time round, Han Jingru couldn't be so cocky anymore!"
  • "Damn it, that trash almost turned it around. Let's see how he gets it now!"
  • Jiang Fu walked in the cleared path towards Han Jingru.
  • When he saw the other members of the Association kneeling before Han Jingru, he gnashed his teeth hatefully. He had never expected Han Jingru to use such a wicked method. Now that Jiang Hai had fallen into Molan's hands, he didn't want anything to happen to his son and left him without an heir. However, making him kneel in public before Han Jingru was something too humiliating and Jiang Fu couldn't do it.
  • "Han Jingru, do you think you can really control everything? You can threaten me now, but can you handle my revenge in the future?" Jiang Fu gnashed his teeth and barked at Han Jingru.
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