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Chapter 603 The Nightmare Han Xiuyuan Brought

  • On the day of Wu Youfeng's birthday celebration.
  • Luxury cars gathered around the Kailing hotel as the whole Chinese District upperclassmen gathered to celebrate Wu Youfeng's birthday.
  • The Wu family was well connected in the Chinese District, and everyone who received the invitation all showed up to show face to Wu Youfeng.
  • But there were more people who came to watch things unfold instead.
  • A lot of people never forgot the old grudge between Han Xiuyuan and Wu Youfeng, and Han Xiuyuan had coincidentally come out of his retirement, so a lot of people wanted to see if Han Xiuyuan would show up at the celebration.
  • Wu family already had eyes arranged around the hotel. They were tasked to see if anyone from the Han family came, if there did, Wu Youfeng would be informed immediately to come out to greet them personally.
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