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Chapter 757 At The Door

  • “Mr. Han, I have completed the handover in Yun City.” In the garden, Zhong Ji and Qin Fu stood behind Han Jingru with both their heads bowed slightly.
  • “Visit the Zhong family on my behalf. Since you will be responsible for Han Corporation, it’s time they are made aware of your existence,” Han Jingru instructed.
  • Han Jingru’s words didn’t mean much to Zhong Ji. However, it came as a shock for Qin Fu.
  • Zhong Ji will be responsible for Han Corporation?
  • If Im not mistaken, the Han Corporation of Yan City will indeed be handed over to Zhong Ji going forward.
  • No wonder Zhong Ji suggested working together with me. It appears that he has returned to Yan City and is deeply trusted by Han Jingru.
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