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Chapter 345 For Your Own Good

  • The moment Su Yimo heard what Jiang Yan said, she instantly exploded in anger. Even at a time like this, Jiang Yan had the gall the suggest kicking him out of the house. It was as if in her mind, besides money, everything else was insignificant.
  • “Mother, how can you think like that? Jingru is searching for a solution to this problem, but you're here thinking of kicking him out?” Su Yimo forced out the words through gritted teeth.
  • Even faced with Su Yimo's anger, Jiang Yan remained unconcerned as she replied, “I'm just looking at it from all angles. No one knows what's going on in that mind of his. And my dear daughter, don't be so gullible. In the world, there is no such thing as a chaste man.”
  • Su Yimo inhaled long and deep as her head spun with indignation. She was crystal clear about what kind of person Han Jingru was.
  • Indeed, very few chaste men existed in the world, but it all depended on the man's self-control to refrain from stepping across the threshold.
  • Su Yimo believed that even if Han Jingru had a lustful side, he'd be able to remain within the boundaries.
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