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Chapter 417 I Want Her Dead

  • “Han Jingru, I am not a villain. Since Han Qing has done you wrong, I will give you a chance to take revenge. But if it has nothing to do with Han Qing, then you better apologize to me today.”
  • Han Jingru nodded his head. He was sure that Han Qing was behind Su Yimo's kidnapping, and Han Tong's threat was only made to protect her own pride.
  • When the security guards knocked on Han Qing's door, she answered it in a burst of impatience and screamed at the guards, “What do you want! It's so late already, how dare you disturb my sleep!”
  • Except for the Han family, Han Qing had always been an arrogant snob and treated everyone badly.
  • “Ms. Han asks you to go downstairs.”
  • Upon hearing the words 'Ms. Han', Han Qing turned more subdued immediately and asked, “Why is Ms. Han looking for me at such late hour?”
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