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Chapter 1072 The Maniacal Emperor

  • Apart from the dark clouds hanging over the skies of Imperial Court, bolts of lightning and peals of thunder filled the atmosphere, signaling the arrival of a storm.
  • However, such things were not caused by climate changes. Instead, this unnatural change was because of the battle between Han Jingru and the Emperor. Indeed, this was an earth-shattering battle.
  • On top of that, they were at a stage where even a Pinnacle Master fighter like Fei Lingsheng was not able to witness the battle process. This is the true world of many fighters. Compared to people I assumed to be fighters before, this is a completely different league altogether.
  • The Alpha Stage was the aspirational stage, the stage that could transform the heavens and the earth. Now, that is a real fighter.
  • “Senior Fei, are you still able to see Master Han?” When Zhantai Liuyue looked up, all she could see were dark clouds, the occasional lightning, and the sound of thunder. There was no trace of Han Jingru at all. This worried her because if the man were to lose this battle, not only would they be unable to leave Dragon Emperor Palace, the entire Piaomiao Sect would be affected as well.
  • The leader of the Piaomiao Sect did not fear death. At this point, she no longer had the right to choose whether she lived or died. Even if she had to face death, she could only accept it. However, she did not want to involve so many people from the Piaomiao Sect just because of this incident. Hence, she still hoped that Han Jingru could emerge victorious.
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