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Chapter 341 Kneel

  • A frightened Xie Yunpeng ran in panic to Tian Shuirou's side and quickly explained, “Shuirou, I'm sorry. I was only speaking my mind just now. I did not realize it was you.”
  • “Don't call me so intimately. Are we that close?” Tian Shuirou said with disdain.
  • For the sake of improving his relationship with the Tian family, Xie Yunpeng often acted like they were closer than they actually were, treating everyone from the Tian family with familiarity. However, last time whenever he called Tian Shuirou with such intimacy, she never once expressed any dislike towards him. So, he couldn't understand why the lady from the Tian family would say something like that now.
  • “Shuirou, if you're angry, I can make it up to you. I'll do anything for you.” Xie Yunpeng said.
  • “Make it up to me?” Tian Shuirou smiled faintly before saying, “Do you think I would even need other people to get me what I want? Are you looking down on me, or looking down on the Tian family?”
  • This question left Xie Yunpeng with anxiety. Of course he wouldn't dare to look down on the Tian family. Although he and the Tian family were in a partnership, the Xie family was considered nothing compared to the Tian family. If the Tian family wanted to replace them with another partner, they would only need to say a word and it would be done.
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