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Chapter 396 Disclosure

  • Besides the buzz that came with work, Su Yimo had another matter that distressed her greatly.
  • These few days, Jiang Yan kept asking her about Han Jingru. This excessive concern made Su Yimo feel like something wasn't right.
  • As her daughter, Su Yimo knew how selfish her mother could be. All this time, no matter how much Han Jingru contributed to the Su family, Jiang Yan still believed that he owed them and always took him for granted. So why did she suddenly care so much about him?
  • No matter how much Su Yimo thought about it, the answer to this question still escaped her mind. However, she was tight-lipped about anything regarding Han Jingru.
  • In the master bedroom on the second floor, Jiang Yan was running out of patience. Days had passed but she still wasn't able to probe any information about Han Jingru and this made her very anxious.
  • “Su Wenlun, no matter what happens today, you must cooperate with me to pry Yimo for information about Han Jingru. I want to know what he's up to.” Jiang Yan ordered Su Wenlun in a strict tone.
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