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Chapter 875 Inevitable

  • Chen Yanran went pale upon hearing what Han Jingru said in the room.
  • He said the death of the entire Chen family was inevitable!
  • At that moment, she had a strong urge to kill Han Jingru as she felt an inexplicably dangerous aura emanating from him.
  • If Han Jingrus words would eventually come true, then now would be my best chance at killing him! No... I cant kill him just yet... No one else knows how Huang Xiaoyong ascended by two Stages! For the sake of my brother, I must get Han Jingru to tell me the truth!
  • Chen Yanran took a look at her maid. Shes dressed seductively and all, but her face just isnt pretty enough... Looks like Ill have to do this myself, then...
  • She then took a deep breath and walked towards the room.
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