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Chapter 1199 What Does The Han Family Have

  • “It’s our honor to have you here,” Nangong Shuxian said, giving Nangong Boling a slight bow.
  • Nangong Boling smirked. “I’m glad that you still know your place. Many of my little puppets would selectively forget about me after marrying into wealth. Some even sought revenge against me. Too bad that all that’s left of them are their ashes. I can’t even be sure if they regretted their actions!”
  • Nangong Shuxian froze. She knew Nangong Boling too well. Those women he referred to as puppets were definitely dead.
  • She was also one of the puppets belonging to the Nangong family, and she felt the same as the rest. However, she knew that she must not do anything about her pain and suffering, not with Nangong Boling overseeing her every move.
  • And as it had turned out, she had made the right choice. She did not want to become a pile of ash just yet.
  • “Are you here for Han Jingru?” she asked.
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