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Chapter 1134 Yan Qiong Gawks

  • Within the Han family, Yan Qiong was among those who understood Han Jingru the most and also treated him the best.
  • However, Yan Qiong now felt as if he didn’t know Han Jingru at all. He thought he did, but something felt different now. Han Jingru exuded such a terrifying vibe that even he couldn’t help but be intimidated by it.
  • He knew what Nangong Shuxian planned to do and had the power to stop it, but chose not to do so.
  • Why?
  • What is Han Jingru up to?
  • “Indeed, Han Yu isn’t able to replace you. But to the general public, your resemblance is enough to confuse everyone,” Yan Qiong replied.
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