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Chapter 457 Influence

  • “Have you not heard of 'femme fatale' before?” Qi Bingying asked. She didn't want to hide her cruel side; rather, she wanted to present the most unedited version of herself to Han Jingru so that he knew who the real Qi Bingying was.
  • Putting up a facade could make people happy, but Qi Bingying knew that people would be more repulsed if they found out what was under the mask.
  • Needless to say, everything Qi Bingying did was for the sake of Han Jingru, as though he had become the most important person in her life.
  • “Han Tong wouldn't be so stupid to leave something this important in my hands, right?” Han Jingru asked.
  • “Not if she has no other way out. You can foil her other plans, though. I'm willing to believe that she would do anything to save herself when she's desperate.”
  • Desperate?
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