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Chapter 1219 Deafening Cheer

  • Wang Wangnian wasn’t the only one who had that sentiment; almost every academy’s master shared his thought.
  • They wanted Han Jingru to join their academy, but after that match, they knew Han Jingru was on another level. He wouldn’t deign to join them. Some were even thinking that Han Jingru could be the new peak of Yan City’s martial arts world.
  • Aside from the hidden masters and those from Apocalypse, nobody could triumph against Han Jingru.
  • Even though the preliminaries for the Martial Arts Summit that year had just finished, they knew who the champion would be. Nobody could change that fact.
  • Yang Bin heaved a sigh of relief. “I knew our choice is right. This is a good thing.” The more he thought about it, the smarter he thought his choice was. If he chose to stand against Han Jingru, God knew what would happen to them.
  • After the match, he was aware of the fact that his family was friends with Han Jingru would make everyone envious.
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