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Chapter 183 Acquire

  • Serve my husband and kids!
  • That exclamation hit Han Jingru like a tsunami.
  • Especially the word ‘kids’. It sent Han Jingru’s heartbeat like a racing car engine. Although he had been sleeping with Su Yimo in the same bed, he had never done anything or made any attempts. Was Su Yimo hinting him?
  • “By the way, you said you could make me the chairman. What do you mean?” When Han Jingru was still lost in thought, Su Yimo started another topic. Han Jingru was just regretful. The man almost slapped himself for not answering her question earlier.
  • “The bankers could arrange that for me, to acquire the Su family’s company.” Han Jingru made it simple. But it was indeed simple for him. The man simply needed to acquire the Su family’s company.
  • “You make it sound so easy. But you will be spending a lot of money, right?” Su family was in a huge debt. Although the West side project stopping could bring a huge crisis to the family, the Su family could still survive for a few more years with their cash in hand. Su Yimo didn’t think it was easy at all.
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