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Chapter 447 Mi Xiaoxing Who Imagined Her Love Reciprocated

  • In the evening, Han Jingru had noticed that the previous owner of the house moved out when he returned. However, he did not probe since he did not stay around a lot. It did not matter to him who his new neighbor was going to be.
  • As he walked into the house, he could see Qi Bingying busy in the kitchen. The aroma of the food filled the house. Han Jingru admired her cooking skills. Even though Han Jingru himself was good at cooking, he wasn't better than Qi Bingying.
  • To a certain extent, Han Jingru and Qi Bingying were the same type of person. They were born into wealth but were extremely frugal and humble with their lives. Cooking and preparing meals were done by maids in their families. Yet, the two of them made sure to be familiar with the prices of groceries at the wet market.
  • “Did you know the neighbors next door are moving out?” Han Jingru asked Qi Bingying.
  • “I heard some noise outside but didn't step out to investigate,” Qi Bingying said. She never stepped out of the house after she moved here as staying at home allowed her to feel closer to Han Jingru. Furthermore, she had nothing else to do.
  • “Aren't you afraid that you would be bored to death if you stay home? Why don't you at least head out for a walk? Did Yimo and Shen Zhuoman not ask you out?” Han Jingru asked.
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