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Chapter 33 Weird Family

  • At home.
  • After Han Jingru left, Su Yimo was just feeling uneasy. Although it had been getting late, Su Yimo lied on the bed and she wasn’t sleepy at all.
  • She held her phone and watched as time slowly crept by. It was already eleven o’clock in the night.
  • During this time, Su Yimo would have fallen asleep already because the woman needed to wake up for her morning jog tomorrow. However, she just couldn’t fall asleep that day.
  • All of a sudden, Su Yimo realized that Han Jingru had become an indispensable element in her life. Even if the man was simply sleeping under her bed side, he had secured an important position in her heart.
  • Su Yimo wanted to call Han Jingru and ask him when he will be coming home. But Han Jingru had made himself clear before he left the house, that he had something to do. Su Yimo didn’t want to interrupt Han Jingru.
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