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Chapter 237 Grandpa

  • After Han Jingru went back to the mansion in Genting, he waited until late evening, and Su Yimo group of three finally came home with their loots. It seemed that they had a good time and everyone were carrying a few huge bags.
  • The moment they reached home, the three of them fell to the couch and stopped moving.
  • Women are natural fighters in the shopping mall. And that was one of the fear for every man. They would never know tiredness in the shopping mall. And the moment they reached home, all of their fatigue would hit like a train.
  • When Shen Zhuoman saw Su Yimo putting her legs on Han Jingru's thigh and the man massaged her to make her comfortable, her eyes were twinkling in admiration.
  • "How great it is to have husband. When can I have one too? Hey, Pingying~" Shen Zhuoman said.
  • Qi Pingying was also exhausted and she said weakly, "What~?"
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