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Chapter 953 The Three Slaps

  • He Xiaoxiao’s anger shot up instantly, like a balloon suddenly blown up.
  • After all, being the daughter of the Head of Three Halls, she was not accustomed to being looked down upon by anyone. What more, a mere mortal from the mundane world. How could she endure such insult?
  • “Su Yimo, it seems like you’ve made up your mind. Anything can happen during a fight, so don’t blame me if I kill you accidentally,” He Xiaoxiao spotted out between gritted teeth.
  • Kill!
  • Hearing these words, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian became even more nervous.
  • They were all well aware of the deep hatred between Han Jingru and He Xiaoxiao. Once the latter found a chance, she would not show any mercy when dealing with Su Yimo. With such a big risk at stake, how could they let Su Yimo handle the matter on her own?
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