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Chapter 1196 Vicious Thug

  • After leaving the Mo residence, Qi Bingying walked closely by Han Jingru’s side while Qi Donglin followed behind them. It almost looked as if she was closer to Han Jingru than her own father.
  • Of course, Qi Bingying was not doing it to get on his good side. She genuinely became really curious about Han Jingru and wanted to know him better.
  • It was difficult for her to fathom why someone just a few years older than her could get the upper hand in dealing with the likes of Mo Yanshang.
  • “Do you know much about Mo Yanshang?” she asked.
  • Qi Bingying’s head was filled with questions with regards to Han Jingru and Mo Yanshang. Young girls of her age would not usually be dwelling on such thoughts for too long. After all, there were more exciting things to think of and do in one’s youth. However, Han Jingru was not surprised to see her act in such a mature manner.
  • He knew that there was something different about her the moment that he saw her hide her traditionally attractive face through little details such as wearing a pair of glasses. Moreover, she was good at keeping secrets, even in front of a close friend. That calmness definitely took her years to master.
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