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Chapter 145 Kill Kill Kill

  • When Shen Zhuoman knew that Su Yimo would be staying at her house for a few days, she was shocked. The friend just persuaded Su Yimo to satisfy Han Jingru’s needs. Yet all of a sudden, she wanted to move out from her mansion? Wasn’t that just distancing herself from Han Jingru even more?
  • Shen Zhuoman knew that she wouldn’t be able to ask anything through the call, so she started cleaning up her house.
  • Soon after, Su Yimo appeared by her doorsteps in her luggage. She was even carrying a few hand-carry and Shen Zhuoman gave up.
  • She wasn’t afraid to let Su Yimo interrupt her. But didn’t Su Yimo care about her relationship with Han Jingru at all?
  • “Yimo, do you plan to stay here permanently? What happened?” Shen Zhuoman asked.
  • Su Yimo knew her best friend too well. If she didn’t tell her the truth, she would be pestering non-stop.
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