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Chapter 402 Diffident Qin Rou

  • “I don't want to shatter your confidence, so step aside.” Han Jingru said in answer.
  • Qin Rou didn't have any intention of letting him pass. She continued saying, “Isn't the reason you're acting in front of me to get my attention? But I'm telling you, I won't like a boy toy like you. So I hope that you won't ever appear in front of me again. Don't come into my sight.”
  • Mo Lan who was waiting by the side stared at Han Jingru in astonishment. A boy toy!
  • Since when did Han Jingru become a boy toy? He has so much money, why would he need to be supported financially by a woman?
  • “Qin Rou, I don't want to have any quarrels with you but only because of Qin Fu. I suggest that you go ask him what kind of person I really am.” Han Jingru coldly replied before directly pushing her out of his way.
  • On their way to the box, Mo Lan couldn't help but curiously ask Han Jingru, “Jingru, what was that about? Why did she say you're being kept by a woman?”
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