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Chapter 738 Married For Many Years

  • “I used to be someone whom even the servants can mock and bully. Nangong Shuxian even taught Han Yu to hit me. I’m not part of the Han family to her at all,” Han Jingru continued.
  • After hearing his words, Su Yimo’s heart ached to the point where she could not breathe. She could not imagine what kind of sufferings the young Han Jingru had to go through. He was part of the Han family too, but the way he was treated at home was worlds apart from Han Yu. No wonder he hates Nangong Shuxian. If I were in his place, Id never forgive her.
  • “You asked me in the past whether I feel upset when Jiang Yan cursed and hit me. Now, do you know why I said no? I’ve suffered worse. The humiliation Jiang Yan brought to me is nothing but a speck of dust compared to this,” Han Jingru explained. Grabbing Han Jingru’s hands, Su Yimo murmured, “Jingru, can I go in and take a look?”
  • Han Jingru laughed and replied, “Of course. This is your husband’s house, and it’s yours too.” At that, he led her into the house.
  • The room was simple, and since no one had been living in the Han Residence for a long time, the dust had coated the pieces of furniture. Even cobwebs were in every corner of the room. Su Yimo feared insects. In the past, if someone were to invite her to a place like this, she would firmly reject their invitation. However, not only was she not afraid of the house, but she even wanted to clean it up.
  • This was Han Jingru’s house, and it was also hers. The old wooden bed was creaking, but Su Yimo ignored the thick layer of dust and sat on it. She dangled her legs and said to Han Jingru, “Can we stay here tonight?”
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