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Chapter 62 Changing Business Partner

  • Jiang Yan and Su Wenlun went out and back in less than three hours. The mansion was properly equipped and they simply went to bring back their clothes. Not only that, Jiang Yan was very decisive. The mother had decided to cash out their house online. It seemed that she was determined to stay in the mansion for the rest of her life. As for what she said to Han Jingru earlier, she had selectively forgotten about that.
  • “Look at how empty this place is. Let me decorate it properly tomorrow.” When Jiang Yan said that, Su Yimo and Han Jingru didn’t mind. Little did they know, the nightmare had just begun.
  • Early the next morning, Han Jingru sent Su Yimo to work and Jiang Yan went to the supermarket. The mother brought back a lot of cheap plants and flowers and also all kinds of decorative accessories, costing few dollars each. The mother filled the living room with her choice of goods.
  • The room used to be of minimalistic style and Jiang Yan made it into something like a grocery store. Not only that, it was screaming in cheap.
  • It was a luxury as mansion costing about a billion. But if one were to look at it from the living room, it might not look like it worth even a million.
  • However, Jiang Yan was just happy about what she did. She felt that she was the most tasteful person in the family.
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