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Chapter 144 Careful

  • Su Yimo couldn’t sleep at all. The moment the sky turned bright, she decided to go look for Ling Heng. Because this Han Jingru wasn’t Han Jingru at all. Ling Heng had interacted with Han Jingru before and he might be able to help.
  • For the entire night, Su Yimo was just troubled. She thought about all kinds of possible happening and even thought that Han Jingru might got into huge trouble already. That made her even more fearful and worried.
  • After asking around, Su Yimo knew that Ling Heng was in Mojo nightclub. However, when she reached there early in the morning, the gate was shut close. After all, it was a nightclub, how could it be opened so early in the morning?
  • Su Yimo simply knocked on the door and kicked on it anxiously.
  • Soon after, the person inside was disturbed and he opened the door in irritation, “Why are you so noisy so early in the morning!? Are you here for a fight?”
  • “I want to see Ling Heng.” Su Yimo had never come to such places and she had never interacted with people from the underworld. When she saw the intimidating underling of Ling Heng, she was afraid.
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