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Chapter 221 Escalate

  • "Sir, please show me your invitation card." The security head asked that from Han Jingru.
  • "I don't have it." Han Jingru showed his open palm and said.
  • "You don't have it?" The security head knitted his eyebrows sternly. Even if they have used Lu Hongguang's invitation card, it had a keepsake value. Because this invitation card signified an honor in Rong City. To be worthy to join Lu Hongguang's social gathering was something to be proud of. Therefore, a lot of people would keep the invitation card carefully. The young men before him said that he didn't have it and that simply meant that he didn't receive an invitation card.
  • "He sneaked in. Hurry and kick him out." Qiu Mu sneered.
  • The security looked at Qiu Mu. If it wasn't for this woman yelling so loudly, the other guests in the room wouldn't have looked over here. If Lu Hongguang were to find out about that, the man might lose his job. Worst case scenario, he would even have a hard time in Rong City in the future.
  • "You two, don't be causing a scene over here. Just follow me outside quietly. Otherwise, I can't guarantee if the two of you wouldn't get hurt." The security head said.
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