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Chapter 1109 Bowing To Them

  • Right as Han Ying was about to head to the office, Shi Yan caught up with him by the doorway.
  • Although she, too, was displeased with Han Jingru’s earlier actions, he was still her son. She could not be as ruthless as Nangong Shuxian was.
  • “You should get someone to find out where Han Jingru is. I don’t want him to be in any real danger,” Shi Yan urged.
  • Han Ying nodded and answered, “When I have the time. The brat is getting more and more arrogant. It’s time for him to have a taste of how tough life is. I’m sure he’ll be back in a few days. If he’s starving, where can he go but home?”
  • Although it sounded rational, and Shi Yan shared similar thoughts as her husband, Han Jingru was still her son at the end of the day. She could not be so cruel to him.
  • “You make it sound as if he’s not your son. Aren’t you worried at all?” Shi Yan grumbled as she stared at Han Ying.
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