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Chapter 326 Have A Drink With Yan Qiong

  • “Say thank you to Mr. Han!” Bellowed Number 12 as he trampled Zhou Bo with a kick.
  • Zhou Bo slumped on the floor. He could not understand why Number 12 was so humble in front of the man. What is so great about this guy?
  • He was indignant, but he wouldn't dare to defiant Number 12. He quickly answered, “Thank you, Mr. Han.”
  • “You have not met each other for years. I'll just let you guys talk.” Finish speaking, Han Jingru left.
  • Zhou Bo stood up and brushed his trousers. He asked Number 12, “Brother, who is this guy? Why would you be his subordinate? I can beat him up easily.”
  • Number 12 gave a cold stare to Zhou Bo and reproached him, “He is my boss. If you want to stay by my side, you better respect him, or else I'll make you leave.” “You can't easily beat him. We had a fight before, and it was ended in a stand-off.” He continued.
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