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Chapter 513 His Appearance Shocked The Crowd

  • Half a month later.
  • It was outdoor time. People gathered in groups. There were many who came seeking information about Terra Prison, and this was the time when they could exchange what they had learned. However, these were all useless since they were stuck in Zone B and could only find information regarding the system in Zone B. They were completely clueless as to what went on in the rest of the prison, which was why Terra Prison sanctioned such a time.
  • Terra Prison was the ultimate locked box; its authorities need not fear any leak of information.
  • On the surface, this looked like a cage. In actual fact, this was a cage with a higher entry requirement than any ultra-luxury hotel in the world. It was down to the basic principle of catering to the whims of the rich.
  • As long as you had money, you could send anyone into Terra Prison.
  • But leaving is another story.
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