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Chapter 140 Don’t You Like Me

  • After Han Jingru met Nangong Shuxian and went back his cell, the rest of the prisoners could feel the materializing murderous intent from him. Each and every one of them stood with a straight posture by the wall and didn’t dare to speak.
  • They couldn’t understand why the meek and spineless Han Yu could be so strong and overbearing. Even the feeling he gave off was completely different.
  • It was as if… He changed into another person.
  • “Boss Han, you… Are you all right? Did anything happen? Do you need help?” Guan Yong asked frightfully.
  • He was the boss of this cell previously, to even have a lackey to assist him when he goes to pee. But ever since Han Jingru came, everything changed. The man even needs to massage Han Jingru personally from time to time. However, Guan Yong did not dare to complain.
  • “Shut up and don’t annoy me.” Han Jingru said coldly.
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