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Chapter 765 The Clown

  • “Have you heard that Han Jingru is going to participate in the Qualifying Tournament? He really has a death wish.”
  • “Other than wanting to die, I think he is trying to make a fool of himself.”
  • “He still is Mr. Yi’s disciple. Perhaps he is really strong as Mr. Yi has never taken a disciple before.”
  • “Strong? Warriors from the outside world are nothing compared to those in Apocalypse. No matter how good he is, can he beat Lin Tong?”
  • Within Apocalypse, the news that Han Jingru was entering all Qualifying Tournaments spread like wildfire. Most of them saw it as just a joke.
  • Each of the four ranks required one to overcome a massive threshold, especially that of the Platinum rank. No one had passed the test in the last ten years. Even Lin Tong who was known as the Chosen One had not taken up the Platinum rank challenge. Instead, it was the newcomer Han Jingru who did. From the perspective of those within Apocalypse, Han Jingru either didn’t know what he got himself into or he was just crazy.
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