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Chapter 325 The Confession Of Number 12

  • A strong killing intent was seen in Zhou Bo's eyes. It sent chills down to Luo Bin's spine. Although Luo Bin was not sure about Zhou Bo's background, he had guessed the man was a fugitive. If someone like that wanted to kill him, it'd take only seconds.
  • Luo Bin unconsciously took a step back. Money was important, but not more than his life.
  • “How much have you paid him? I'll pay you back.” Said Han Jingru calmly.
  • Zhou Bo looked at Han Jingru scornfully. He didn't need him to pay for him, and he was sure that Luo Bin would not even dare to ask from him.
  • “Han Jingru, he took my money, so he should work for me. But he didn't keep his promise. Is this something you can solve with money?” Asked Luo Bin. Being a businessman, the first thing Luo Bin thought of was to get liquidated damages from Han Jingru.
  • Han Jingru smiled vaguely. He knew Luo Bin was an insatiable businessman. Even in this kind of situation, he still wanted to maximize his profit.
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