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Chapter 978 Even

  • Two years prior, Ran Yi had crossed paths with someone from the Ximens. His initial sentiment was that the family was haughty and arrogant, almost beating their counterpart to death at an auction over the most trivial of disagreements.
  • In his view, Ximen Chang should be the one exercising more restraint in his role as the patriarch of the family, as he should not want to see the Ximens come to ruin due to their own arrogance. He ought to have learned not to repeat the folly of the Bailing family since history had taught that closeness to the Emperor was no guarantee of diplomatic immunity.
  • What Ran Yi had not expected was for Ximen Chang himself to be the worst of the lot. He makes the rules? Had he considered the Emperor before he uttered those words?
  • In the Imperial Court, who else would dare make such declarations besides the Emperor himself?
  • “Mr. Ximen, you have your rules, and the auction house has its own. The two cannot be conflated,” Ran Yi argued.
  • The corner of Ximen Chang’s lips lifted into a chilling smile as he strode right up to Ran Yi.
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