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Chapter 619 Make Him A Lackey

  • Ma Feihao’s statement stopped Ma Yu in his tracks.
  • Glancing at Ma Feihao’s eager expression, his heart sank. Did this guy really have something to do with Han Jingru?
  • At the most, I can only take meticulous care of Han Jingru; who gave Ma Feihao the guts to have the thought of exacting revenge on him?
  • “What happened between the both of you?” asked Ma Yu in a low tone.
  • Ma Feihao vividly described what happened at the racing tracks. However, he exaggerated the story and painted himself as the victim, to the extent of shedding crocodile tears.
  • Ma Yu knew Ma Feihao all too well, and it was obvious that he was exaggerating. Even if what he was saying was true, Ma Yu was reluctant to assist him in plotting a revenge.
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