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Chapter 525 So What If I Killed A Few People

  • Half a month later, Su Wenlun's condition were more stable now, but he remained in a coma. Under Jiang Yan's advice, Su Wenlun was brought back to the villa after he was discharged, and she went back as well under the pretext of needing to take care of Su Wenlun.
  • This was the day Jiang Yan had been waiting for.
  • The villa was the most luxurious property in the Yun City, and it was Jiang Yan's pride and joy.
  • Ever since she left, she had always dreamed about returning to this place.
  • She believed only a villa like this was fit for her social status.
  • Jiang Yan even thought that besides her, no one had the right to stay there.
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