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Chapter 724 Past Present Future

  • Qi Hu listened attentively but did not understand a word of what he was saying. To someone who just learned about the wonders of nightlife in the city, these words were wasted on him as he had not understood what love was.
  • Han Jingru and the others headed to the restaurant. They noticed that other than the chefs, the only people present were the owner and the manager. The other staff were given a day off because the boss and manager decided to serve a VIP like Han Jingru personally.
  • Although the boss had already prepared himself mentally, he was still nervous when he saw Han Jingru. To the owner of a small restaurant, an important man like Han Jingru was an overwhelming presence, so he did everything with utmost care.
  • His presence was an honor for the owner. Business would improve by leaps and bounds after his visit. The owner wanted to avoid any mistakes that could ruin his business, so he gave all the other staff a day off.
  • “There’s no need to be so nervous. I’m just here for a meal,” Han Jingru soothed the boss when he saw that he was nervous.
  • The boss hurriedly nodded. However, that only increased his anxiety, and his hands started shaking uncontrollably.
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