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Chapter 484 You Are Getting Better At Boasting

  • The spectators were in a frenzied state of excitement now, even more excited than when Shan Qing first entered the ring. Although they did not know Han Jingru by his name, they were chanting “Boxing Champion” as if they had already acknowledged him as the new champion.
  • Boxing was a world where only the strongest could survive. No proper underground boxing fan would have binding loyalty to any pugilist. They would discard their idol the instant he was defeated by a stronger pugilist, recognizing the latter as their new idol while devoting their blind admiration to him until the time when he was defeated.
  • In the private room, Zhou Yangfu was in such a rage that his whole body trembled. He knew that Number 12 would never re-emerge as the boxing champion in Yun City again and had assumed that for as long as Shan Qing was around, he could remain boss of the top boxing arena without a worry.
  • Never did he expect Shan Qing to be knocked out by a single punch just a few days after he started enjoying his new title as owner of the city's top boxing arena. What's more, Shan Qing's opponent is only an ordinary chap!
  • If no one accepts the challenge from Han Jingru, the reputation of Green Dragon Boxing Arena will surely go down the drain.
  • However, even Shan Qing was no match for him. Zhou Yangfu knew it was a lost cause even if he sent other boxers to spar with him.
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