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Chapter 1056 Why Are You So Arrogant

  • “I’m not going anywhere.” Fei Lingsheng looked at Han Jingru with resolve gleaming in her eyes. She would never leave now because she knew very well that only one Holy Chestnut would not be enough for her to reach the true Alpha Stage. Thus, she had to stay.
  • Han Jingru’s lips lifted into a faint smile. “Your response came very quick now. It’s a pity that it’s useless now.”
  • Fei Lingsheng wasn’t sure about anything, but she was determined to stay right now, so she did not care what Han Jingru said.
  • Meanwhile, Yan Qinghua reached the place Yi Qingshan had described just before darkness fell.
  • Yi Qingshan turned out to be speaking the truth. She found an unconscious Jiang Yingying in a cave on the mountainside.
  • She knew that Yi Qingshan was the cause of this and that she did not possess the power to awaken Jiang Yingying. Thus, she wasted no time, carrying her on her back as she once again raced back.
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