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Chapter 967 The Holy Chestnut 1

  • When Han Jingru showed him the fruit again, Liu Ding’s eyes lit up as if he had found the most precious diamond.
  • “I was right! It’s the Holy Chestnut!”
  • Holy Chestnut? I always call it the red fruit since I didnt know this thing has an official name. Does that mean Xenos also has something similar to this product? Judging by his reaction, this so-called Holy Chestnut must be very valuable.
  • “How do you have the Holy Chestnut? Where did you get it?” asked Liu Ding eagerly.
  • “Do I seriously need to answer you?”
  • Liu Ding recomposed himself; he was aware that his questions were a bit out of line. Besides, the auction house had no rights to know where the guests got their items.
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