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Chapter 340 If Reincarnation Is Real

  • Xie Yunpeng had a dark look on his face. Han Jingru had just declared that his wife was inferior to Su Yimo in front of everyone in his wedding. Even though it was the truth, Xie Yunpeng couldn't allow his wife to be insulted by a loser.
  • Han Jingru was still calm as usual. As he looked at the man who was at the brink of rage, he smiled. “Any objections to that?” he asked.
  • “Apologize to my wife immediately, Han Jingru, or else you're going to get it today.” Xie Yunpeng threatened angrily. All he wanted to do today was to tease Han Jingru and have everyone laugh at the butt of the joke. He could not accept it if the joke was on him.
  • “Why should I apologize? Can't I even say the truth?” Han Jingru was delighted to see Xie Yunpeng being so infuriated. He wanted to see if Xie Yunpeng would do anything to him if he was backed into a corner.
  • Suddenly, Xie Yunpeng's wife retorted, “I admit that I am not prettier than Su Yimo, but at least I am happier than her. She married a loser, and her wedding was turned into a joke.”
  • Han Jingru's face fell. He knew that a woman would be at her happiest on the day of the wedding. However, he had never brought this kind of happiness for Su Yimo. Instead, all he brought for her was mockery and humiliation. That matter was something Han Jingru wanted to get over with. He had a plan to hold an extravagant wedding for Su Yimo, but with the current circumstance, it would still be a joke even if he managed to pull it off.
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